What inspired me to work in graphic design? To answer this question, I should give you my life history. For starters, my whole family has artistic abilities. My mom always drew amazingly real life Rugrats for my birthday parties when I was a kid, my grandpa can paint anything in sight, and my cousins knew how to entertain me with new hand sketched cartoon comics every time I visited. Being around all this creativity, it is easy to imagine what I did with my free time as a kid. My first success was at age 9. My parents needed a new sign and logo for their ice-cream shop (Frosty’s), so I sketched about a hundred and fifty ice-cream cones on any scrap piece of paper I could find. I picked the perfect one and strategically placed the napkin in front of my mom. She loved my design, and I finally made it as a professional graphic designer at age 9! My wonderful ice-cream cone is still placed on the front of Frosty’s today but my career didn’t stop there. When computers became more accessible, my passion came to life. I created any flyer, birthday/business card, or print material that I came across. It’s amazing that I found a career that’s not just a 9-5 job; it’s a life long hobby. I would love to talk to you so we can further discuss my passion for and extensive experience in graphic design.