Being in advertising can be tough, and survival is key. I feel like I’ve been in advertising boot camp my whole life. I was raised in a self-employed environment in which learned how to use a credit card machine and smile while selling ice cream at age 11. This has taught me to not only to be very personable but to recognize how different people react and think about a product when purchasing it. Being an only child gave me time in my own head to come up with inventive ways to get parents to buy their children a kiddy cone (I found candy eyes, lips, and sprinkles for hair usually sells them) or “doggie day” with a bone on top of vanilla ice cream was effective with dog lovers. The bottom line is that I’m a unique individual, and these experiences while growing up have helped make me into someone who eats, lives, and breathes advertising. I’d love the opportunity to speak with you if you need, want, or simply want to discuss advertising.